Sunday, May 23, 2010

simpatico news

Danny Kerwick is on his way up north again- Chicago to visit his poet friends
Billy Tuggle and Bill Herbst who run the weekly reading at Trace in Wrigleyville
then on to Rochester, ny for the jazz festival, and western NY poets John Roche
and Paulettte Schwartzfager. Here in New Orleans, the pall of BP, sad and angry,
helpless feeling for this catastrophe much worse than katrina. Everyone leave your
car at home if you can and travel by train instead of flying. 

Thursday, December 31, 2009

simpatico poets press 2010

2010 will be a busy year for simpatico poets press. 5th year since its birth, with an
anthology to be published, also its 'simpatico on the road' and 'chapter of a manuscript'
series. also in the works is poetry from joseph makkos, to be out before mardi gras.
have a great new years and get yer king cake for 12th night. no rest for the blessed

Monday, September 14, 2009

Daniel Kerwick's reading schedule

Goldmine Saloon   Thurs Sept 17th  8pm
700 Dauphine, French Quarter, New Orleans
reads and signs  "You Stand Alongside Desire"
out on Foothills Publishing

Wheeler Hill Readings  Sun sept 27th  2pm
Kanona, NY

Watkins Glen Public Library Mon sept 28th
Watkins Glen, NY    6pm

The Abilene Bar and Lounge wens Sept 30 8pm
153 Liberty Pole Way,  Rochester, NY
release of 'Simpatico on the Road  the Rochester issue'
featuring poets from the area edited by Mr. Kerwic

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

simpatico on the road

Danny Kerwick just back from his rust belt mini poetry tour
said, "great people the active poets. in rochester, ny, Vincent
Golphin, John Roche, Paulette Swartz. in chicago, Bill Herbst,
Billy Tuggle, songwriter Tim Polk and alot of other wonderful
people". Danny was touring his new book of poems 'You Stand Alongside Desire'
and just had a reading at the Maple Leaf Bar here in New Orleans.
there will be upcoming readings in town, the Goldmine and some other
venues so we'll keep you posted. His book is published by Foothills
Publishing, you can look it up, more later...
Encaustic Painting by Pat Kaschalk

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


announces the release of Paul Pine's

"The Field From Which Form Arises"

with beautiful letterpress cover designed
and handcranked by Peter Anderson of Verna Press

Paul will be in New Orleans for 3 readings
and book signings

Sun April 19th 3pm
at the Maple Leaf Bar's
Everette Maddox Memorial Reading Series

Thurs April 23th 8pm
!7 Poets reading series at the
Goldmine Saloon in the French Quarter

Sat April 25th 7pm
at Mckeowns Books on Tchoupitoulas st

Hope to see you there

Monday, March 23, 2009


by Daniel Kerwick

the morning light's
an easy one

the moon


or sillouette of lover disappears
into bathroom half awake
in the soft clutter
of a reluctant monday

in certain boroughs the light
reflects indignities and celebrations
proportionately as if one a cipher
the other serendipitous

no time for the ink to dry
the naming continues
silence chaotic with words

the morning lights a bastard
blind alley
next line expunged
exiled to the optimists

if pages scattered for the hungry
if breath stopped
would it surprise you

the lover brushes his/her teeth
today a gathering smiles
realism magic

not till death takes the organ grinder
by the keys is it time to move on

one man says music
at the heart of thinking

the other mute
fading into parchment